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Alongside, Inc.
Richland, Michigan
Alongside, Inc. is located in Richland, Michigan and offers both individually tailored and structured retreats for missionaries and pastors - alone, with their spouse or with their entire family. They offer respite, counseling, and structured seminars that incorporate rest, reading, seminars, group counseling, individual/marital/family counseling, and deep fellowship with other pastors, missionaries, and their families who have been "burned" in some way in the heat of ministry.

The Barnabas Ministries
Vancouver, Washington
The Barnabas Ministries provides counseling for Christian leaders and their families and offers speaking in area churches and at retreats and seminars. They also have guest quarters available in Vancouver, Washington for renewal and refreshment for ministers.


Broom Tree Ministries
Broom Tree Ministries is a retreat center that offers 5 day spiritual retreats available for full time Christian pastors and their spouses. Retreat agenda is for participants to spend large blocks of time alone with God in prayer, rest, Bible study and time alone with their spouse. Daily schedule set by participants. Dinner together is required. All meals and lodging provided at no cost. They also from time to time will conduct (upon request) spiritual retreats for key lay leaders and their spouses.

Eagle's Glen
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Eagle's Glen offers a retreat setting in the Colorado Springs area for ministry leaders. They also offer "The Breath of God" Leadership Conferences on location in churches or similar settings.

Fairhaven Ministries
Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Fairhaven Ministries is a retreat center for Christian workers, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee. In addition to being a retreat center, they also have Christian counseling available onsite for those with counseling needs. At various times during the year, Fairhaven offers structured marriage getaways for ministry couples.

Fairhaven Ministries (Canada)
British Colombia, Canada
Fairhaven Ministries (Canada) is an extension of the Tennessee retreat center but is located in British Colombia, Canada.

Faith Mountain
Rosedale, West Virginia
Faith Mountain is a retreat center located in Rosedale, West Virginia. Cottages are located on 250 acres of wooded terrain and offer a natural retreat from the world.

Genesee Home
Taylorsville, California
Genesee Home provides an environment where pastors and their spouses can break away from their normal daily routine and retreat to a wilderness setting free from the distractions of ministry. The home sits in the center of a 1,600 acre ranch which is surrounded by national forests, grazing meadows, four creeks/streams, and six small fishing lakes. Genesee Home is a safe haven where Pastors can reflect upon their calling and rekindle relationships with both God and their spouses. Counseling is not provided.

Highpoint Inn (now managed by Deer Ridge Ministries)
Freeport, Illinois
Highpoint Inn is a beautifully restored country estate, located on an 11 acre wooded oasis, which can be used for a pastoral getaway. It is located in Freeport, Illinois.

The Lodge
Buchanan, Michigan
The Lodge is a place for pastoral couples and others involved in church leadership and para-church organizations in search of spiritual renewal, restored relationships and physical relaxation. Originally built as a private summer residence on the St. Joseph River in southwest Michigan, this 82 acre French country estate has been turned into a Pastors' Retreat for those desiring to experience the joy of renewal in Christ. The Lodge offers four- and ten-day retreat for pastors and their wives.

Marble Retreat
Marble, Colorado
Marble Retreat is a secluded Colorado lodge where scores of Christian workers have found a new day dawning in their hearts and spirits. Since 1974, this peaceful refuge in the Rockies has been set aside for solace, healing and gentle restoration. Marble Retreat is an interdenominational psychotherapy center serving Christian ministers in crisis. They offer a blend of spiritual and emotional approaches to touch the whole person. Their mission is to help bring healing and restore hope to those in vocational Christian ministry through Christ-centered brief intensive psychotherapy.

Nehemiah Ministries
Owosso, Michigan
Nehemiah Ministries offers rest, renewal and restoration for clergy families in a retreat setting situated on 130 acres nestled in the Maple River Valley, five miles south of Owosso, Michigan. They provide a natural haven where individuals, couples and families can withdraw from their normal environment to rest, relax and enjoy God's creation.

Pastors Retreat Network
Delafield, Wisconsin
Vanderpool, Texas
New Bedford, Ohio
Pastors Retreat Network is a network of three retreat centers: Delafield, Wisconsin; Vanderpool, Texas; and New Bedford, Ohio. They are dedicated to providing respite for pastors and their spouses. They do not provide counseling but do offer spiritual formation.

Quiet Waters Ministries
Denver, Colorado
Quiet Waters offers one- and two-week leadership counseling intensives, week-long group leadership experiences and leadership consulting. Their ministry is located in Denver, Colorado.

The Shalom House
New London, Wisconsin
Suring, Wisconsin
The Shalom House is a retreat ministry which offers a place where pastors can relax, refresh and refocus. Time here is unstructured, whether it is used to read, think, study, listen to God's voice or reconnect with family. They offer two locations: New London and Suring, both in Wisconsin.

Smoldering Wick Ministries
NE Oklahoma
Smoldering Wick Ministries is a retreat center that will be located in NE Oklahoma in the near future. Public speaking and free consultation to hurting ministers is also provided.

SonScape Retreats
Woodland Park, Colorado
SonScape Retreats exists to deepen the spiritual, emotional and family health of those in vocational ministry. Christian leaders are under tremendous pressure. The SonScape experience offers a safe place to come away and regain one's identity in Christ and calling from God. For over twenty-five years, our week-long retreats and year of follow-up for couples and singles have focused on spiritual renewal, proactive self-care, burnout prevention and crisis intervention.

Westwood Ministries
Kerrville, Texas
Westwood Ministries provides a haven of rest and renewal for God's servant-leaders. Both preventative and healing experiences are offered. Lengths of stay at the retreat center are tailor-made to individual needs. Rest, counseling and life/ministry training are all available.

Focus on the Family's ministry to ministers
Additional retreat centers are added from time to time. Focus on the Family's ministry to ministers maintains a comprehensive list of retreat centers as well as other resources valuable to the life of the minister on their website,